Our mission


Our mission is simple.

 Together at the top.  We want to help you understand your pain, overcome it and feel confident in knowing what to do if it comes back. Our goal is your independence and we believe every patient can overcome the pain that dominates and dictates life. 


Better Doctors. Better Care.

 We're here when you need us most.  Our team of specialists bring years of experience in spinal and musculoskeletal diagnostics.  Using our diverse backgrounds, we aim to create individualized soft tissue therapy and recovery programs that put your needs first. 


The tools you need.

Pain has a purpose and with an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate therapy, our patients see results faster. Your success is our success. 

Conditions we treat

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Nicole L. Ingrando, DC

Nicole L. Ingrando, DC

Nicole L. Ingrando, DC


Amanda Connelly, DC

Nicole L. Ingrando, DC

Nicole L. Ingrando, DC


Aaron Proctor, DC

Nicole L. Ingrando, DC

Aaron Proctor, DC


Adam Sproat, DC

Melanie Milner, DC

Aaron Proctor, DC


Melanie Milner, DC

Melanie Milner, DC

Melanie Milner, DC


What types of health insurance do you accept?

We participate with major insurance providers, in and out of network.  We also participate with Personal Injury (PIP) and Workers Compensation Plans.  We have options designed for patients who are uninsured and under insured.  Although verification of benefits is not a guarantee of coverage, we pre-authorize insurance coverage to help our patients better understand how individual policies apply in our office. 

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Our physicians are considered specialists and therefor do not require a referral.  Even so, our doctors work in close communication and collaboration with other treating physicians such as primary care physicians and surgical specialists. Better care comes from working together as a team. 

What can I expect on the first visit?

Patients deserve the time they need in an effort to achieve results and we are dedicated to this.  New patients are always seen by our physicians who will conduct a thorough history and examination.  Imaging studies such as x-rays are not a requirement on the first visit and they are reserved for specific conditions only, for example, if a fracture were suspected.  We find that for most patients, imaging isn't needed and a diagnosis can be made during the exam.  Every patient is different and every plan of recovery should also be different.  Our clinical team is here to help bring clarity to the process of therapy and we are dedicated to providing the education and resources patients need.  Our experience is that most patients can be treated the same day and leave feeling better than when they first arrived.   

Do I have to have my neck "cracked"?

 Absolutely not.  In fact, it's not uncommon for a patient to need something entirely different.  Some patients wish to avoid spinal manipulation altogether.  The goal of care is that you see results and the only way we can help our patients achieve this is to listen to what each patient needs individually.  Spinal manipulation is just one of many conservative and non-surgical tools we have to help patients. Like a fingerprint, every patient is different.  It's not about us, it's about you. 

Will I need to come in forever?

 Quite the opposite actually, the goal is that you don't need us at all.  Once our exam has ruled out any red flags for concern, a trial of individualized, conservative care serves as our best diagnostic tool.  Pain is a message from the body that something needs attention or that something needs to change.  The goal of care is to figure out what the body needs.  For most, an initial trial of therapy is short and patients see results within 1-6 visits.  Results are tracked closely and monitored to ensure progress.  Pain should be going down and function should be going up.  If a patient fails to improve, we work hard to find answers which may include ordering imaging or coordinating a referral to a specialist.  As our patients improve we introduce home mechanical therapy programs to foster independence.  Most patients find that once they feel better, they can manage on their own and chose to come in only when they need us.   

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